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Ihave been a flower lover and flower grower for a number of years, catching the “bug” from my mother-in-law, Jeanette Patterson, who was a floral designer and wedding co-coordinator for more years than she would like for me to share! Jeanette orchestrated weddings for at least half of Cleveland County during the last half of the last century, and made sure, when I came into the family, that I learned the difference between a rose and a tulip! It was a task that took years of Sunday afternoons parading around her truly remarkable yard, being schooled in the importance of having flowers and shrubs and trees that could serve you well in any season.

In my young married days I half-heartedly participated in these lessons, but slowly her commitment to my education was taking hold. The real clincher was her ability to give life and vitality to my old home when parties and holidays rolled around. Friends and family came to expect extraordinary flowers when coming to my home. They ignored the imperfections of housekeeping or truly shabby-not so chic furniture and focused on the beauty of the flowers. Lesson Learned: If you want people to feel warm, welcomed, comfortable, and somewhat exhilarated–bring out the flowers! The connections with nature add an elevated sense of joy to our lives. We are reminded, in every season, that there is so much to awe in the world around us, and that there are an unlimited number of ways to present this beauty in our homes, in our work place, in our churches, at our social gatherings, and at our most important and significant life events. I thank my mother-in-law for sharing her personal “treasure” with me… her love of nature. I honor her friendship and her special gift to me.

Iwas a teacher for many years and “served” in that capacity for about 15 years. I use the word serve because it was an honor to work with young people and share their lives in a learning environment. Teaching was an awesome responsibility that afforded me great joy. It was my passion. I have been so blessed, because working with flowers became a second passion for me after my children were grown and it became possible to explore other interests.

I volunteered my floral services for friends, church members, and the community for a number of years before moving into a more professional capacity. My closest friends insisted that I move in this direction, and I thank them for their encouragement. My husband and I have grown sunflowers now for about six years, about 11 or 12 varieties. I have had access to a multitude of flowers and shrubs via my own personal gardens and those of my mother-in-law and my mother, and through these past years I have become more involved in the retail world of actually selling my flowers and arrangements to the community.

InSeason’s passion and philosophy are driven by our belief that life is too short to overlook the awe inspiring beauty of God’s creation. We have decorated homes for holidays, parties and special events, created florals for weddings and receptions, and now, we have a website, appropriately named …..InSeason Florals. We are not limited in our supply of the flowers of your choice, exotics included, but know this about us…. we will try to incorporate at least a touch of what is – you guessed it – IN SEASON! The world right outside our door —and YOURS– is just too wonderful to miss!

InSeason Florals
InSeason Florals